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Please Listen To Me!

Sun Nov 4, 2012, 4:31 PM
-title from Dr Who-

Okay~! So. I have now deleted my old group oOHeartlessDomainOo (can't delete the chat so I'm just lettin that old girl gather dust). In it's place, I have spent pretty much the entire weekend recreating a new group and chat with the help of Malice-and-love and AxlO1.

This group is a Kingdom Hearts rp group, with the theme of the supernatural (no, not the show... just no). SO! There's a semi-plot, lots of characters available and hopefully what'll turn into a thriving room so please join. Even if you don't like the idea, you might know someone who does so encourage them instead. I really want this room to do well as opposed to oOHeartlessDomainOo...

The room already has three members, and another possible two on the way, so join up today~! (Or not if you're UK going east cos it's at least 12:30am...)

~Livy out!

  • Reading: The Time Machine (HG Wells)
  • Watching: Doctor Who
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November 4, 2012