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Momma noooo!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 14, 2012, 4:11 AM

-title from Fresh Prince-

Weeell, my folks are coming back from New York any minute now. The good side? I've missed em. The bad side? weeelll.... seeing as I'm using mum's laptop, I doubt I'll be allowed to keep usig it now they're back, so I'll get on when I can.

I did however have a look on eBuyer and found the exact cable I need and only for £7! Sooo... as soon as I can give someone in this house the money to buy it for me, it'll be shipped off and probably take up to a week to get here....

Like I said, I'll get on when I can, so my deepest apologies to the guys in KingdomAsylum and Kingdom-Of-Hogwarts ^^; Roxy's gonna be missing for a couple of days... probably moping in his room and lost in the Forbidden Forest XD

Luv y'all

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August 14, 2012