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The Second Rescue

  Roxas struggled as much as he could; trying to call out to the unconscious redhead but it was hopeless. Maybe if he could use his mouth properly he would have fared better. His captor dropped the crowbar and tutted. "Cutting in on my father/son time... Oh well." He turned and slowly walked back to the now terrified blonde. "Now where were we?"
  For what felt like hours to Roxas, Lexeaus continued to cut into him and break him, causing him to scream through him gag, tears falling faster than before, while Axel lay unconscious on the floor with a small wound above his right eyebrow where the metal hit leaving a trail of blood down the side of his face. "And now for the final part of his tribute..." Roxas was pulled off the table then carried bridal style to a tank of- now that just couldn't be possible, or right in any humane way. Before he knew what was happening, the gag came off and he was dropped in, hearing a lid click into place above his head. He slowly sank to the bottom when the reality of what was happening hit Roxas like a freight train. The blonde pounded for all he was worth on the side but to no avail. The brunette knelt down in front of him and smiled; the words he was saying muffled by the glass and the thick liquid around him but Roxas could still just about make them out. "Goodnight my son." Roxas tried to reply, forgetting for a second that you never open your mouth underwater and struggled at the coppery taste filled his mouth and lungs, making him cough and choke. He could feel darkness creeping into his vision as he made one last desperate attempt to kick the lid off before the last of his oxygen ran out.
  At the same time Xemnas, Saix and co. pulled up outside the building. There were about ten police cars, all with at least two people in them. They were getting ready to make a surprise entry when Saix saw something that made him snarl. "Zexion? Come. Here." The smaller blunette walked over, a confused frown on his face.
"Yes lieutenant?"
"What is Axel's car doing here?!" He followed his superior's line of sight to see the black car a little ahead of them; door still open and engine still running.
"I... I don't know sir. Maybe he got out for a pit stop or something?" Saix just growled, but both their heads turned when they heard a series of screams coming from inside. "That sounds like..."
"Let's go people!" Just like they'd planned back at the station, Zexion and Saix took the lead in the front entrance, the others split into four groups; one followed the two detectives in, one went around the back, and the other two covered all other exits. They got there just in time to see the man they'd been looking for kneeling on the floor with a gun pressed to his head. "Police! Drop the weapon and put your hands on your head!" The man turned and stood, looking them straight in the eyes with the gun still pressed to his head though he seemed to be looking straight through them. "I said drop it!"
"Goodbye my love." With that, he pulled the trigger and landed almost on top of Naminé; his body falling next to her and his arm over her torso, the gun sliding across the floor and a small smile on his face. The police ran straight to the bodies where Saix and Zexion shared a grave look.
"Well Zexion?"
"It's her alright... though the wounds are far more gruesome than the other women." He looked up and around, as if suddenly remembering something important. "Where's-"
"Sir it's Axel!" One of the other officers called and rolled said redhead over. He was still unconscious though and his wound was more prominent than before on his otherwise unmarred face. Zexion paled at the sight of him while Saix just sighed and nodded.
"Try and wake him up. Someone call an ambulance now." Zexion looked more worried now when he realised there was still no sign of his other co-worker.
"Sir, Roxas... where is he?" The older blunette's eyes widened; a rare sight it has to be said, and stood up.
"Search everywhere. I want him found alive!" Everyone started pulling the place apart with hopes of finding him while Zexion left Naminé's side and looked around. As his eyes scanned the room, he became aware of a tank with- no that couldn't be possible. He slowly approached the tank to take a closer look. The sight of all the blood churning and sloshing inside made him feel sick, but then he saw a finger brush the side and gasped. He knelt down to get a better look and covered his mouth with his hand when he saw more than just a finger through the red.
"In here! There's a body!" Another, bulkier officer ran over and picked up what appeared to be an old piece of mill equipment, then started hitting the top until it cracked open. He reached in and, sure enough, a blood-covered blonde was pulled out and laid on the floor. "Thank you Xaldin." The man just nodded and the moment of thanks was forgotten as everyone's attention was back on the small blonde. It was Roxas, though he was in a terrible condition and apparently unconscious. One of the medics from the newly-arrived ambulance ran over and started performing CPR while the others watched and waited. "C'mon Rox... C'mon..." After a couple of agonisingly slow minutes Roxas coughed and spluttered, his eyes fluttering open, only for him to jerk up, the pain of his movements forgotten and looked around.
"Axel! Where is he?!" Zexion knelt down and rested a hand on his shoulder. The blonde stared up at him and seemed to relax a little. "Zex..? Zex where is he?"
"He's alright. At the moment it's you we need to... worry... about..." Roxas frowned in confusion, but realised Zexion wasn't the only one staring at him; even the paramedic looked a bit green. He followed their line of sight and looked down, not only to see a bloody, marred body (with nothing covering his private area, but he could deal with that later) but also deep, jagged gashes and holes in his torso.
"Oh..." And he was out again.
  Luckily, before he even hit the ground a certain redhead caught him. "Thank fuck he's alright..."
"AXEL!" He looked up to see an angry Saix standing above him. "I was under the impression I took you off this case!"
"Yes... I took the scenic route home to clear my head. I drove past and this guy; pretty sure it was him, stopped my car and dragged me in, ranting about "no one can find out" then he... Well I assume he knocked me out. I woke up just in time it seems." The blunette seemed to buy it, for which Axel was eternally grateful.
  It didn't take long for the medics to sort themselves out, zip up Naminé's body bag as well as Lexeaus', get Roxas in the back of the ambulance then after quite a lot of arguing get Axel to agree to get checked as well and get in the back with the blonde. Roxas was still covered head to toe in blood and it was soaking through the crisp white sheets that covered him up to his collarbone. The only problem was that it was hard to tell what was from the tank and what was from Roxas. The paramedics had done their best to bandage up the wounds they could find though, despite the fact they knew there were definitely more, and there was an oxygen mask strapped to his face by the time Axel got in, but the blonde was at least awake, if only by half. He didn't say anything though, just stared blankly up at the ceiling and mulled everything over. All he could think of were the screams.  His screams. Naminé's screams. Axel's scream as he fell. Try as he might, the images from the past week or so kept repeating over and over in his mind. He felt Axel's hand squeeze his and when he slowly looked over with tired eyes, Axel almost looked close to tears.
"Thanks for the clues Rox, we owe you..." He smiled and replied with a hoarse voice.
"Just... Don't leave me alone..."
"I think that's a fair deal."
  Roxas was wheeled off on arrival so they could treat his more serious injuries while Axel was pulled away to check for head traumas and concussion, but it seemed his head wound was too shallow for any serious damage. The patched him up though and put some dressing on, telling him he should change it once a day for a week or so. By the time they were finished with the redhead Roxas was out and allowed visitors, but first Axel talked to his doctor to find out the extent of the damage. "Well, there were no broken bones as far as we can tell, just burns in varying degrees of severity and quite a few stabs and gashes made from various items. We did our best to patch him up and we had to do two organ transplants as some of them were missing. Nothing that would have killed him though, which was lucky."
"So... How's it looking in there now?" The doctor sighed and ran a hand through his hair, leaving it on the top of his head for a moment before letting it drop.
"We've got him hooked up to an IV and a blood bag; he lost a lot of blood, it's a miracle he was awake when they brought him in. There's no mask though; he doesn't seem sever e enough to need it so we've put a catheter in instead." Axel nodded and thanked the man before making his way towards Roxas' room. There were two policemen outside his door making Axel feel a tad uncomfortable as he walked in, though the smile on Roxas' face was worth it.
"You kept your deal." He croaked out.
"That I did. How're you feeling?" Roxas looked down, inspecting the bandages covering his arms, torso and thighs. There were also one wrapped around his neck, covering the burn, and a couple of dressings over the wounds on his face.
"Mummy-ish." They both laughed, only to sit/stand up to attention when Cpt. Xemnas walked in.
"Down boys; you're both injured after all." They relaxed, Axel taking his seat again and they listened to their superior. "Roxas, it's going to be difficult I know, but we need you to give a statement on what happened." The blonde visibly tensed at the thought and was sent sympathetic looks by both men in the room. "I know... But we need it to close the case. Naminé and the killer are both deceased; you're our only source I'm afraid." He ruffled his hair then made to leave. "Back to work ASAP you two, understand?" They nodded and, satisfied, he nodded too and left.
"I... I can still hear her Ax... I can still hear it all..." Said redhead turned to look at Roxas and sighed before carefully scooting him over and sitting next to him, one arm around his shoulders. "The b-blood's still there... I c-can feel it hitting my face... Ax please make it go away!" Roxas buried his head in his hands, drawing his knees up and shaking visibly. The older had no idea what to do, so he just pulled him closer and rocked him gently as a mother would to a small child.
"Shh... Give it a few months Rox, a year maybe, and you'll be better..."
"But not completely."
"No, not completely..." And I doubt you ever will be...
Phew... Well at least they're both okay, huh? Well... Roxas isn't exactly mentally stable and I sure he'll have some scars left behind BUT ANYWAY 8D

Originally, there was a lot less goings on in the hospital part of this chapter, but I decided to fluff it up a little and had some bits and pieces in, sooo yeah...
:w00t: Woo for last minute editing!

Will Roxas recover at all? How will Axel cope now his blonde is back? Find out, next week~
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