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The First Rescue

   Everyone was frozen to the spot as the reality of what they'd just witnessed hit them. Everyone was silent as it sunk in. Everyone looked to Axel, then to Saix. The blunette spoke quietly, as if anything louder would shatter the windows around them.
"Okay, we start looking for them. Everywhere you can think of that they'd be. We cannot afford to miss them this time; the life of one of our own depends on it. Understand?" They all nodded and got to work, apart from Axel who was still looking at the now blank screen in front of him forlornly, as if it was still showing his Roxas. Saix sighed and made his way over, resting a hand on his shoulder. "Axel..."
"Please Saix; I'm begging you... don't take me off the case..." He was still staring forwards at this point.
"Axel, you know I have to. You cannot work on a case you're emotionally involved with. I know you're one of our best but we cannot allow any slip-ups this time." Axel's eyes teared up a little, so he bowed his head in an attempt to hide it from his superior, holding his head for a minute before sighing deeply.
"C-Can I have a minute please...?" the lieutenant smiled in sympathy (a rarity under normal circumstances) and left the room without another word. The redhead left behind pushed the play button from their recording of the footage again and swore his heart nearly snapped in two when it showed Roxas. However, his attention shifted when he re-watched the blonde talking.
"Roxas Mill-ler..."
"And Mummy's name is~?"
"N-Naminé Lexa..."
"Any last words son before they watch Mummy get butchered~?"
"You were right... About everything... It
is cruel. It's a horrible thing to endure alone..."
Axel nearly crumbled when the blonde spoke; his voice so hoarse and devoid of hope. It was a cruel irony; the redhead kept watching that scene to hear his voice, but the increasing depression of seeing it all over and over again was almost too much to bear. It was when he watched it the 5th time that he realised something; Miller wassn't Roxas' last name, he must have been in too much shock to notice before, and Axel was fairly sure Lexa wasn't Naminé's either. He rewound it and played it back one last time, making a note of what was being said and it was only when he saw it on paper phonetically that he realised. "Oh Roxas, you're a bloody genius." He grinned and ran out the room with the paper. "Saix! Saix I need to talk to you!" Ignoring the strange looks from his co-workers, he made a beeline for the blunette's office and slammed the door behind him when he entered. "Sir! Roxas gave us the answer!"
"Axel... I thought I told you that you were no longer on the case?" He did not look happy at all. "Please return to your desk and continue with some other work."
"But Saix, he said it all. Look!" He put the crumpled scrap piece of paper down with his circled words and underlines, just hoping the lieutenant could see it.
"...Exactly what am I looking at here?" Axel honestly felt like slapping him.
"LOOK. Roxas Mill-ler. His name isn't Miller! And since when does Roxas stutter?" Saix's eyes slowly widened, before he looked up at Axel and gave a small smile and a curt nod.
"Axel, what would we do without you?" He stood up and left the room to instruct the others on the force while Axel just smiled and leaned against his superior's desk with his arms folded.
We're coming Rox... Don't you dare die on me...
He turned back around to face the paper and looked at it one more time. The first bit was obvious, but the second bit not so much.
"Why would he call her Lexa...?" After looking at it for a bit longer, Axel realised it was in fact an anagram and started trying to figure it out. He jumbled up the letters several times over, until he finally got it. "Axel.... He was talking to me..."
"It's horrible to endure alone..." He'd been looking straight at the camera; he wasn't referring to the killer losing his family. He was talking to Axel and Axel alone. The redhead was dumbstruck and silently walked back to his desk then slumped down in his chair, the words going round and round in his head.
"He needs me..." He mumbled, only to look up and see Zexion in front of him. "What is it Zex?"
"Y'know, it'd be understandable if you wanted some time off to wrap your head around this..."
"Well, we'll all be busy at Twilight Mill... It'd be understandable if you left early is all." The redhead frowned a little and looked at him, then noticed the suggestive look he was being given and caught on with a grin.
"Received and understood. I owe you Zex"
"Bring him back alive and we're even." Axel nodded and took off, leaving Zexion behind with a smile on his face and a shake of his head.
  It didn't take long for Axel to reach his car and put his foot down, driving as quickly as he could. He was glad he was on the force or he'd be in big trouble given the 20-something red lights he drove through. When he finally arrived, the redhead had to take a minute to pull himself together and then come up with a plan. He got out, leaving the door open for a quick escape, and made his way inside by creeping through a broken window at the back. His sleeve got caught on a shard of glass, making him hiss with pain but luckily for him there was no one around to hear it.  The redhead froze as his feet touched the ground though due to the piercing, undoubtedly male, scream. "Roxas...." He ran as fast as he could towards the sound, only slowing down at the last minute so he wouldn't be seen.
   As his head peaked around the corner, he was assaulted with the foul smell of blood, sweat and rotting flesh. He pulled back instantly as tears started prickling the corners of his eyes and threatened to fall. He rubbed his eyes with his sleeve to get rid of the offending tears and forced himself to look again, almost feeling like retching at the sight before him. There were the remains of what he assumed were the killer's victims in small piles – probably one pile for each person. It was lick a sick parallel to the set up they had back at the forensics lab. The blonde girl's remains were in a heap on the floor too, clearly forgotten for the moment, and then his eyes drifted over to the worst part of all. Roxas was bound to what appeared to be a surgical table in the middle of the room, blindfolded and gagged with his hands tied down either side of his head, as well as his ankles to the corners of the other end, and tears streaming down his grimy cheeks. "Shh my son; it won't hurt for much longer, I promise." The big hulk of a man appeared to be carving into the blonde's chest. Axel assumed he was cutting out organs, like with the girls, or just cutting to savour the boy's pain. Either way, the redhead was getting more and more irate by the second from watching the disgusting display and before he knew it his protective streak had taken over and he charged at the man, tackling him to the ground with a growl.
"Don't fucking touch him, you son of a bitch!" The two of them struggled on the floor for a while, both trying to gain the upper hand and Axel just trying to avoid being knifed at times.
"You don't understand! I need to do this! My wife! My poor son..." The almost-giant appeared to be close to tears, so Axel used the opportunity to kick the knife away and ran to Roxas' side, who of course instantly started struggling thinking his attacker was back.
"The police can deal with you when they get here. Rox. Roxas! Calm down, it's me! It's just Axel." The blonde ceased all movement and when the blindfold was slipped off, the cerulean eyes practically sparkled with joy.
"Heya you, thought I'd never see those pretty little blues again..." Roxas' eyes were shining with fresh tears, though this time with relief, but then they were wide and looking past the redheaded hero. "Mhm! Mhm mhmm mm!"
"Stupid boy..." Axel turned just in time to see Lexeaus with a crowbar, then nothing. Just the darkness and Roxas' muffled scream.
Ohhh nooo~! What's gonna happen to Roxas now Axel's out of the picture?!

To be honest, this isn't my favourite chapter out of them all; I feel like I could do a lot more with it, y'know? I must've edited it and re-written parts about five times now but.... eh, we'll see.

Well, expect an update on Sat/Sun. I must away now to the land of homework~! -_-;

Will the killer go after Axel too? Will the officers get there in time to save Roxas? Find out, next week!
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