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Killing Me Harshly

   So here he was. Hanging from the ceiling and waiting for the death he knew was coming. He wasn't as scared of it now, more of the pain really - he'd been here for a long time now, or maybe it was less than that? Long enough to come to terms with his fate anyway. The blonde came back to the present and looked up at the brunette above him. Lexeaus' hand dropped from his head and all the young man could do was watch as he approached the other blonde in the room. "Mummy, time to wake up~"
Roxas' face turned to one of horror though when he saw the meat cleaver behind the man's back. That didn't follow the pattern of the other victims; he wasn't sure what yet, but something was wrong. Lexueaus was never normally this brutal. Roxas knew that his death would be worse, ten times worse in fact and there was nothing he could do to change that, but he didn't understand why hers would be too. The girl woke slowly and looked up at Roxas, then over to Lexeaus. "Wh-What time is it?"
"Shush now Mummy. Look at you too; perfect in every way." The killer said, stepping back a little and admiring his soon-to-be-slaughtered couple. "You even look like each other a bit..." The two blondes looked at each other for a moment and realised the brunette was right. "Now then you two, as you both know, it's going to be different this time. You both are the final piece to my work. This will make all the pain go away!" Roxas' eyes widened and he shook his head frantically, already clocking on to what was going to happen. Admittedly, it wasn't that difficult to figure out exactly, but he was quite possibly brain damaged by now so it took him a while to piece it all together; the camera, taking him, the plan to (Roxas assumed anyway) butcher Naminé... The chains clinked as he shook his head back and forth, but the gag stopped all words forming, just muffled shouts and protests. "Shush son. Mummy and Daddy are talking." Roxas growled and gained nothing but a slap in the face for it. "I said shush."
   Lexeaus then unchained and carried Naminé bridal style over to what looked like a medical table and pinned her down with ropes on her wrists and ankles. What Roxas wasn't expecting was for him to get a camera out and press the red button - he'd been under the impression that only his death would be public. "Hello police, we meet again. I'm the one who killed all those girls and boys, but you know this. And why?! Because I never got to have them myself! The chance was ripped from me because some druggy slammed a door on my wife, making her lose the child and bleed out herself! And who did nothing? YOU. The lot of you just let the case go and didn't bother to do anything about it. He could still be out there now, avoiding the justice he deserves because you were all to lazy and uncaring to find out who killed my family! So the final kill that you won't be able to stop. First, the girl will be killed with all the pain my wife had to suffer." The camera turned to Naminé, who looked beyond terrified. "Say hello Mummy~" All she could do was sniff and beg. Roxas struggled for all he was worth, not for his own life, or for that matter to stop their captor, he just wanted to hug her. Tell her it would be okay, that they'd both get out of this alive and be back by the evening. As much as it hurt the blonde even managed to lift his legs and kick a bit. Lexeaus carried on talking, despite all the noise Roxas made behind the camera. Unfortunately, Roxas had to stop in the end due to exhaustion and pain, just catching the tail end of what was being said, but really wished he hadn't. "-and I swear, if you don't keep watching it's only going to get worse for the two mangled bodies you'll find." He turned to the 22 year old, the camera still rolling, making Roxas weakly attempt to struggle free again, or maybe just in defiance he didn't couldn't be sure, but it only made Lexeaus chuckle.
"Roxas, calm down!" Naminé shouted. This man knew exactly who he was and that terrified him, right down to the bone. This guy was clearly mentally damaged from losing his family and a lack of sanity usually meant a lack of knowing when to stop. The gag was removed and before he knew it, he was being ordered again.
"Talk son. Tell them your name so they remember what to put on the death certificate." Roxas gulped and tried something he'd learnt a few years ago; this man looked like he didn't pay attention to detail; time to see if that was true. Luckily, he only knew Roxas' first name and the same could probably be said for Naminé's identity.
"Roxas Mill-ler..." At least that gave a location. A hand reached out and stroked his cheek, making him shudder.
"And Mummy's name is~?"
"N-Naminé Lexa..." He grinned maliciously at Roxas and stood back so the team would be able to see every bit of the young blonde.
"Any last words son before they watch Mummy get butchered~?" He nodded a little and just went for it.
"You were right... About everything... It is cruel. It's a horrible thing to endure alone..." And if Axel doesn't catch on, I WILL come back and haunt him
"You're right... losing your wife and then your son too is horrible... This is the only way I can find peace..." He put the camera down, but Roxas kept fighting back.
"What, by killing other kids who had nothing to do with it?!" At those words, Lexeaus stormed back over and shoved the gag back in his mouth.
"Shush now son, Daddy's working~" He walked back and picked up the meat cleaver from before, then turned to the camera. "Remember~ keep watching or the outcome will be much worse~."
   What followed was the worst hour of Roxas' life. Or maybe it was shorter than that... Time seemed irrelevant now, all there was to focus on was the spraying blood and the blood curdling screams of a girl he couldn't help. He struggled and thrashed while being forced to watch Naminé be massacred by the brunette psycho, the screams echoing through the room. The could only assume the police were still watching too as nothing had really happened out of the ordinary... Well, as far as Lexeaus was concerned anyway, and that in itself gave him a little hope. Hope that they were working this out and that maybe, maybe they'd stop him before something like this happened again. By the time it was over, there was a heavy stench of blood in the air and Roxas had fresh tear tracks down his face; something he didn't believe to be possible after being dehydrated for so long. Blood had sprayed on him during the manic killing and left speckles on his face and chest, as well as a sick feeling in his stomach. The tall man left Naminé's mangled remains and picked up the camera before moving over to Roxas and slinging an arm over his shoulder so they could both be seen.
"Now you've seen Mummy's fate. Time for son to play his part as well~. I'm going to enjoy this son; I hope you'll be happy in Heaven." And that was the last thing the boy saw before his world went black and the camera turned off.
I know this chapter is almost a week late, but I was away last weekend and then I was off school ill pretty much all this week so I didn't really have the physical want for anything computer-related ^^;

Sooo~... it's all heating up now isn't it?
Poor Roxas, having to watch that... He's gonna be seriously fucked up, that kid... *imagines a Dexter-like character emerging*

....sequel ideas omg XD

Will the police get there in time? Will Lexeaus be caught? Find out, next week! (more like in two days XP)
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