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27th May 2014

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 9, 2016, 5:39 AM

Okay, this dream started off Victorian, then slowly turned modern again.

My “mum” was on trial for some reason, I don’t really remember, but my “sister” and I had the idea of looking through the town hall’s history chronicles to prove her innocence. “Mum” agreed, but said "only look up the relevant things. There’s things you don’t need to know, and things about your father". As we made our way there, a man grabbed my arm and started walking along with me in what I thought was the same direction. He looked like Bane, only tall and really thin, and the mask looked more like an air force pilot’s. “I’m a killer you know.” I said yes I did know, but it was okay if he’d help us. “And your father was a pirate. Destined to be son to the greatest pirate lord the world has seen. But then he was lost at sea, so now it falls to…” He opened a curtain to reveal a man who looked like a cross between Brian Blessed and Kahl Drogo. “-Lord _____” We took one look at him, sitting there on a dais, with his robe not covering his crossed legs at all, and I could automatically tell what he wanted. My “sister” and I turned and tried to run out of the room we were in, but it was blocked. When we headed for another door, the pirates started moving the furniture, putting tables and the like in our way. “Please, no!” I shouted, but the pirate lord just chuckled. My “sister” managed to crawl under a table, and I smiled encouragingly. “Yes! Go, go!” She managed to escape, and I tried to run through a side door. I ran into what appeared to be a huge tea room, and then heard someone say “What a lot of drama!” and then someone else said “Well, what do you expect from the
tennis tea room?” and everyone started laughing, including me. Unfortunately, my slight pause got me caught and I fell onto my back to see a pirate standing over me. He tutted and said “it’s no fun if you’re half awake.” and promptly knocked me out.

When I woke up, I think a couple of days had passed and we appeared to be in the gardens of this apparent hotel (which seemed to be split into quarters for whoever wanted it). I was up in a tree with two women (vegans apparently) and eating a bowl of lettuce strips. It became apparent that they were hiding me, and the pirate lord hadn’t found us yet, because we were up in the tree. I then saw him in the window and panicked a little, but they calmed me down. He started stripping another girl (more like woman) and promptly took her from behind against the window. Then a news report took over the dream.

“Police are still looking for Eliza (me) so any information would be helpful- Oh, and on her lost father, Ed. Information on his whereabouts, past or present, would certainly move along the investigation into his disappearance.”

Then I woke up.


Journal Skin by: Zaellrin
27th May 2014
Bizarre dream, this one.

Can't believe it's been 2 years since I last posted one of these, especially since I've got half a dozen saved and waiting to be published...
Dear 5 Years Ago,

I just want you to know how proud I am of you. There's a lot of things going on for you right now, but you're being brave enough to admit there's a struggle, and you're getting help. Your future self really appreciates that.

There are bullies in your life right now, disguised as friends and family. They're hurting you, in ways you didn't even know were possible. They are messing with your brain and making you think you're not worth anything. I'm sorry, that's a feeling that's not gonna go away for years to come, and you're going to carry the emotional scars forever. But you know what? Those people won't stick around. Just wait two years; they'll be gone, and you'll have better friends than you ever felt you deserved. They'll care, they'll support and comfort you, they'll go all out for your birthdays and offer their shoulders to cry on before you even realise you need them. Just hang on.

School feels impossible right now, doesn't it? So many high expectations, so much to compete with. But that'll go away. In four years time, you'll be acting at university. Yes, it'll be hard. You'll be sore, you'll have sleepless nights trying to get your research in and some days you'll want to collapse from the strain your body's going through. But you'll love it, and the teachers won't stress that you'll fail without a first, they'll just want you to do your best. They'll talk to you. They'll explain things you don't understand without looking down on you. You'll feel the stress of a grammar school melt away and be amazed at the 2:1s you'll get in your first year.

You're isolated, I know. Your sexuality is so new to you, and there's so much to understand without anyone to explain it. Your interests don't match anyone else's either, and you feel so alone. That'll change too. Three years from now, you'll be in Annie, singing show tunes with your friends between rehearsals. They'll all applaud, hug you and wish you happy 18th birthday, giving you your first bottle of wine, and a card with all their personal messages inside. You'll cry, but from the sheer joy of finally feeling like you have a family, and that card will go on your wall to remind you. Three years from now, you'll meet your heroes at a convention; people you've looked up to your entire teenage life. They'll encourage your aspirations, commend your devotion and be impressed by your obsessions, not shun them. Four years from now, you'll move onto a floor with people who love you. They'll laugh at your antics, sing along with your songs, sit in the corridor with you and chat into the night, and come to you when they feel lost. You'll have a home, and surrounded by people who love you.

Right now, you feel ashamed that you turned to counselling. You'll try and hide it, and withdraw if friends ask questions. But in a year or two, you'll wear it as a badge of honour. You'll keep using the techniques, and get control of your emotions. You won't cry yourself to sleep at night because there's no one there to talk to. Getting everything out there so you can admit it, so you can comes to terms with it will make you a stronger, more confident person. Even if you're scared on the inside, on the outside you'll be the confident, smiling girl your mum misses (and you'll be closer to her than ever). And in three years, you'll have so much confidence that you'll take charge of 20 Cubs for a whole evening. They'll hang on your every word, and the parents will praise you for your responsibility.

You feel heartbroken, don't you? Like someone's ripped it up in front of you and crushed it under their boot. Like there's a hole in your chest and you're just going through the motions. But don't worry. Six months from now, you'll fall in love. Real love. It'll be hard going, and sometimes the distance will kill you, but you'll know that despite that there's someone out there who loves you and the slowly repairing person you are. You'll chat late into the night, and early in the morning. You'll send each other gifts and talk for hours on Valentine's Day. You'll smile when you see her picture or her name with a little green dot on skype. You'll feel proud that this girl chose you out of everyone, and you'll forget all the heartache you're suffering now because you'll know that people who really love you would never hurt you like this; they'll protect you instead.

It hurts Livy, and it won't stop hurting. Not for years. Five years from now, you'll start slipping again and these old anxieties will rear their head and try to consume you. But you know what? It'll be different then. You'll look back on now and realise that if you could get through it all now and come out a confident, outgoing, self-assured woman, then you can damn well do it again.

All my love to long ago
Dear 5 Years Ago...
Okay, this is very personal, so sorry if it makes some people uncomfortable. 
There's a lot of stuff going on in my life right now that I'm struggling to deal with, and I was trying to think of a way to cope when I realised "Hey, I did this before..." and I started thinking about that quote; be the person you needed when you were younger.

I was gonna post this to Facebook instead, but a) it's waaay to long for that and b) deviantART was my rock when I was 15. If I didn't have this little community to come home to everyday, I honestly don't think I would've coped. So to me, it makes sense to post this here now. Please don't see this as attention seeking, or a cry for help, because it's not. It's about being open about struggling, and therefore coming to terms with the fact that I can get through things again, just like last time.

And if you're struggling in life, if you feel like the end is coming for you, then trust me, it's not. Things always get better if you work at it. Sure it's tough, and you have to face yourself in ways you never wanted to, but the you that's left is going to be so grateful you put in the effort.

Name: Roxas Harvey

 Fifth Year




 Oak and a dragon hearstring core. Roxas' wand is about 12 inches long, and dark in colour, with two strands of silver wrapping around it, like leafless vines. It's thick at the handle, and goes to a round point at the end.

 Barn owl called Artemis; named because she really likes to hunt and bring Roxas “gifts”…

Blood Status:
 Half-blood (muggleborn father)

 Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Herbology, and Charms (1st Year Elective: Flying, 2nd Year Elective: History Of Magic, 3rd Year Elective: Care Of Magical Creatures, 4th Year Elective: Earth Magic)

Favorite Class:
Defence Against The Dark Arts

Least Favorite Class:

Physical Description:
 Roxas is about 5”5 and actually has a slightly feminine figure; slightly wider hips than most guys and slim everywhere else. He's muscled, but not ridiculously so – it’s obvious he does a lot of physical activity at least. He has blond hair that spikes in a cowlick-style and a heart-shaped face with deep blue eyes. Roxas has a few scars, big and small, from adventuring as a kid, “getting up to no good with that redheaded boy” as his mother repeatedly says, and a few accidents. The most noticeable are a scar covering the outside of his right thigh from a crash and a small burn mark on his left hand from being bumped in Potions. He’s also slightly tanned from spending so much time outside.
Roxas has a habit of getting out his uniform as soon as he can on Fridays after class, and wears “skater fashion”; hoodies, minimalist patterned shirts, baggy jeans, trainers etc. The rest of the week he just stays in uniform as it’s just more washing otherwise (plus the dark uniform makes it easier to blend in when he’s up to no good). When he does have his uniform on, he usually has his shirt untucked and his top button undone, the tie hanging just a little loosely around his neck, and the black jumper and trousers that make the uniform.
The only things that Roxas always has, regardless of what he’s wearing, are his checkered sweatband and black and white rings – a leaving present from his sister just before he started his first year at Hogwarts.

 Roxas is definitely a “heart over head” guy; he’ll follow his gut feeling must faster than he’ll follow logic, unless of course there’s a high risk of someone getting hurt (not including himself). He tends to question things as opposed to blindly following everyone else, which more often than not either lands him in detention for one reason or another. Roxas also has a strong moral code and will always strive to do what’s right, which is one of the reasons he has his heart set on becoming an Auror when he leaves Hogwarts.
He has a bit of a fiery attitude towards people if they insult him or people he cares about, but most of the time he’s a kind, good-natured guy. He’s always felt a little bit like an outsider in some way (the fact that he can see thestrals when pretty much no one else can does not help things) and prefers to have a few close friends than a lot of them. Not to say he isn’t friendly with most people, but that’s as far as it goes; the whole “would rather have four quarters than 100 cents” thing. On the whole, he will do anything for a friend and has no problem with a little adventure and trouble in his life; a typical Gryffindor.

Roxas has a fairly normal background. He's from a well off (though not outrageously rich) family and has a muggle-born dad, a mum and a little sister. When Roxas was 7, he and his dad were in a serious car crash and were both very badly injured. While Roxas came out of it with a broken arm and a lot of scarring down his leg, his dad wasn't so lucky and died. It took Roxas a while to get over it, and had survivor's guilt for a long time, but when he eventually came to terms with the death he took on the "father figure" role for his sister.
His magic didn't come to him until the age of nine and he was grateful to have a magical family to help him through it because it was a bit daunting at first. He's had a bit of trouble over the years for being a half-blood, but nothing serious enough that it gets to him. When his dad died, he took on the father role for his little sister, and as a result can get pretty protective of her sometimes.

Friends/Enemies/Acquaintances: Roxas' best friend is Reno. They've been inseparable for years (and nearly as notorious for mischief as the Weasley twins once were). He doesn't have any enemies per se - if someone's a dick, Roxas won't like them. Simple as. Race, gender, blood type etc. really don't make a difference to him.
His sister has just started at Hogwarts, and Roxas takes the "protective older brother" role pretty seriously - more than once, he's been late to his own classes from helping her find her own. They sometimes get on each other's nerves, but for the most part he adores her.

Extra Information: Because of his father's death, Roxas has the ability to see thestrals, though it's not something he openly admits, partly because it's a rare (or "weird" as some kids have called it) gift, but mostly because it just reminds him of his dad.

Roleplay Sample:
Typical. Woke up late and didn’t have time to eat. Ah well, at least he could get a kick out of watching the first years get hopelessly lost on his way to class. DADA too, so at least that would be a good start to the morning. He chuckled at two boys walking into a seventh year charms class which they apparently thought was transfiguration, only to spot his sister looking a bit lost too. Softening, he beelined to her and knelt down. “Lemme see your timetable…” He grinned. “Flying lessons? Sis you wanna go outside for that…” He led her to the rest of her class, then cursed under his breath when the bell for lessons starting went. Turning on the spot, he ran with all his might, and just hoped Professor Sephiroth was in a better mood today than he was last time Roxas was late.

If I started a dream diary series, would you read it? (just as a warning, some of my dreams are more like action thrillers....) 

5 deviants said Yeah, it'd be interesting to read what goes on in your head!
2 deviants said I might read a couple...
No deviants said No thanks, dream diaries are for weirdos.

Journal History

101 things about me~

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 5, 2015, 8:09 PM

Well m'dears, it's been quite a while hasn't it? 
I realise it's been FOREVER since I posted anything on here, for which I apologise - I thought the second chapter of Demon In Disguise would be coming to you way quicker, but then I started university and... well, let's just say that people who say acting course are easy have clearly never done one; my god the workload is huge, and don't even get me started on the writing! STILL. Good news is (for you lot anyway) that I have 8 weeks left for my first year, then I'm done for the summer. And on top of that, I've been writing up several fanfics in my absence, should there should be loads to get you through the summer~

In the meantime, I felt like doing a quiz, because I haven't done one for years :D

About yourself...

1. Full name: 
Olivia McDonagh (though once I get my Equity Card, that's going to have to change ^^; )

2. Age:

3. Birth Date: 
16th June 1995

4. Birth Place: 
Sheffield, UK

5. Gender:
Female, though I do go days where I verge on being genderfluid... Seriously; wake up some days and put my binder on almost immediately and get my hair out my face cos I just don't feel feminine at all....

6. Occupation: 

7. Primary School: 
Southwold Primary School from nursery-Yr3, then Buckingham Primary School Yr4-Yr6

8. High School: </i>
Royal Latin School

9. College/University:
Trinity St David - BA Acting

10. Eye Colour: 
light blue, though when any emotion is high they're dark blue :3

11. Hair Colour: 
At the moment, it's dyed for Improv, so wine red

12. Currently Living:
Carmarthen, S. Wales/Buckingham, England


13. Food:

14. Drink: 

15. Band/Singer: 
Depends on my mood... Always got time for The Jam though

16. Song: 
I don't care that it's tacky: Let It Go from Frozen. I have such a strong connection with that song; the words hit me at my core the first time I heard them, and they still do now - I will always adore that song.

17. Movie: 
See, for me this is genre dependent; it's like asking someone which strand of hair is their favourite. The ones that are forever tied though will always be The Lion King, V For Vendetta and Pokémon: The First Movie - I could watch any of those three again and again without getting bored!

18. TV Show:
Doctor Who, Game Of Thrones, Elementary and Supernatural (I refer to the hair strands statement)

19. Book: 
I, Coriander

20. Colour:
Black - I feel secure in it. (and shut up all you artists saying it's a shade, not a colour)

Do you prefer...

21. Coke or Pepsi? 
Pepsi *runs from the pitchforks*

22. Anime or Disney? 
Disney wins by a microscopic percentage

23. Guys or Girls? 
Both, but more girls than guys

24. Lips or Eyes?

25. Kisses or Hugs? 
Kisses, but hugs will always be accepted

26. Eating or Drinking? 

27. Novels or Comics? 

28. Summer or Winter? 

29. Outdoors or Indoors?
I've been a Scout for 11 years, what do you think? =p

30. Camera or Cellphone? 
Phone. (let's face it, same thing these days~!)

31. PS3 or Xbox 360?
Playstation 3 by a mile.

32. TV or Computer? 

Something personal...

33. Why did you choose your username? 
Honestly? I was 13 and couldn't think of anything, so my friends said "use something you love". Back then, RokuNami was my OTP sooo...
(as for my photography account xXDeadly-RoseXx, deadly rose was my OC Vyxil's Org XIII title)

 What is your favourite piece of your own work?  Show us: 
hmmm..... my Pokémon drawings. I've never considered myself an artist, but I couldn't be happier with how those drawings turned out.

35. What is your most popular Deviation?  Show us:
Most views:
What Did I Do Wrong by RoxasNamineForever
Most faves:
Digimon In Training by RoxasNamineForever

36. Look to your left. What is the first thing you see? 
My wardrobe

37. Now to your right: 
My tv/brother's Gamecube

38. Something you can't live without: 
my "dad", Ash :meow:

The last...

39. Person you saw: 

40. Person you hugged: 

41. Movie you watched: 
Sweeney Todd - cousin had never seen it before D:

42. Song you listened to: 
currently listening to Rat Trap by Boomtown Rats

43. Book you read: 
Howl's Moving Castle (still reading it)

44. Thing you ate/drank: 
cola :3

45. Time you cried and why: 
About 7hrs ago - father dearest got angry because I asked why he always had to have the remotes, threw said remotes and told me I could shove them up my arse before storming out the room. Add that to yelling at me in front of my cousins this morning for the mess they made, only to find out it was apparently meant to be directed at them (not sure how that works given he was looking/shouting at me) and I wasn't exactly happy with him - made me remember why I don't come home during reading week...

46. Time you laughed and why: 
About 6hrs ago - Tumblr. Just Tumblr. =p

47. Time you went out:
This morning to go and clean the Scout Hut after mum's birthday party

The first...

48. Person you dated: 
Alexander MacDonald. We were 7 years old (one of those playground couples) but then he moved to Australia at the end of the year and I never heard from him again.

49. Person you kissed: 
ex-friend Lu Dennis. Funny really - first kiss was with a girl; sums up my life, I'd say.

50. Crush you had: 

51. Thing you think about when you wake up: 
The dream I just had

52. Best friend you ever had: 
Tiffany Houghton. Absolutely adored her, but strangely when I moved primary schools, she stopped answering my calls and I haven't seen her since. Nice to know I meant so much to her :/

53. School you went to: 
I had two playgroups before I went to nursery - Bubbles and Chestnuts. They were awesome :3

54. Big holiday you went on: 
When I was 2, my parents decided my bro and I were old enough to go abroad - we went to Majorca and my brother got Scarlet Fever. Parents thought he was just attention seeking and moaning about the heat, so thought nothing of it, only to realise his best friend had mysteriously got it a few weeks after we got back =p

55. Award you got:
Erm... Do school certificates count? XD I think it was my 100m swimming badge - mum and dad had my brother and me swimming from about the age of 5, sooo...

Have you ever... 

56. Broken the law: 
Illegally downloaded music, watched films online, stabbed that guy...

57. Been arrested: 
N~ope :3

58. Had a hangover: 
Urgh... lesson for ya kids: NEVER mix caffeine and alcohol in quick succession...

59. Been in hospital: 
visited my granddad, my mum, my other granddad, Oh! And there was that time I walked into a car and spent 4hrs in A&E followed by 24hrs on a ward in case I had another fit like the one I apparently had on the road 8D

60. Been in a car crash: 
weeeell... apart from the incident above, there was the time when I was 2 months from birth and mum got hit in the side of the car by a driver who doesn't understand "give way" signs. .....actually, between that and falling down the stairs as a 6 month old, I'm starting to understand why I'm the way I am =p

61. Flown on a plane: 
Heap loads. And flown a plane (glider) if that gives me extra points XD

62. Been on a boat: 
.....Have you seen  the UK? Our main method of reaching other people is by boat XD

63. Traveled overseas: 
I feel like I've already answered this

64. Had sex: 

65. Gotten pregnant: 
Not that I know of *looks down*

66. Had an abortion: 
Kinda need the first part to happen for this part to happen

67. Been to a concert: 
Sort of... Madness played when I was at the BBC's street party coverage of the Royal Wedding a few years ago - that was like a mini concert with the amount of people there

68. Pretended to be sick to avoid doing something:
Only once or twice - even being sick didn't get me out of things with my parents, so it wasn't worth the effort

69. Skipped school/work: 
I missed work once because I had such a bad migraine I was essentially blind for 2hrs. And I've missed two uni classes cos I slept through half of them ^^;

70. Broken a bone: 
It's about the only thing I haven't done! XD

Deviant time...

71. Who is your closest friend on Deviant Art? 
You know, I'm not sure... My friends don't really use it anymore...

72. What is your favourite Deviation by them? Show us:  
Done with a mouse. On Paint.

dangerousHONESTY :
<da:thumb id="501181798"/>

73. Which Deviant's artwork do you like the most?
ehhh I dunno... I guess :devDuckTapeBandit: cos my god the designs are ingenious.

74. What is their greatest work? Show us: 
Duct Tape Queen Of Hearts by DuckTapeBandit
It's made of friggin duct tape. Just saying...

75. Any favourite Deviant Art groups in mind? 

76. What is your favourite artwork by the Founder of the group? 
She doesn't have any.

77. The Co-Founder(s)?
Christ, it was so long ago I'm having a hard time remembering who that was XD
Dash by Fury-Chief

78. How about the Contributors? 
Again, over the years there's been so many people in that RP group, and so many of them were amazing artists that I honestly don't know...

79. Who was your very first Watcher on Deviant Art? 
My ex-friend Lu

80. What is your favourite artwork by them? 
I don't have one.

81. Have you ever had any Daily Deviations? 
Pffffff you're kidding, right?

83. Show us the first Deviation you submitted to Deviant Art: 
Angry Moogle by RoxasNamineForever
(incidentally, if you've never watch Doctor Who Du(m)bs on Youtube, I heavily advise it~ ;3)

84. Show us your most recent submission: 
BulliesYou curl up in bed, hoping the day away.
You wish your bed would swallow you.
Because they'll be waiting.
The bullies at school.
They call you a freak, a loser, a nerd.
You never know what to do.
You're too defenseless,
Against those bullies at school.
They don't kick you or hit you, or steal your change.
They don't spit on you, or shove you.
They just call you names.
Those damn bullies at school.
You're different, you're nerdy.
You're different, you have a birthmark.
You're fat, you're thin, you're tall, you're small.
You're. You.
You're special, extraordinary.
You'll go places, you'll rule.
They're just ignorant, immature.
Those stupid bullies at school.
So ignore them, be proud. 
You hold your head high.
Cos you know what? It's just a few years.
And the only limit's the sky.

More personal stuff...

85. Religion: 

86. Social class: 
Middle class

87. Ethnicity: 
White British

88. Languages spoken: 
English, French and learning Japanese

89. A scar you have: 
....we could be here for a while

90. Preferred medium: 
ye olde traditional pen and paper~ 

Totally random...

91. Where is your dream holiday location?
To be honest, I had a very privileged childhood, so I've been to the places I've dreamed of ^^; (well, with the exception of Disney Land and Harry Potter World)

92. What are you wearing right now?
pyjamas, given it's 4am XD

93. What is the last thing you bought? 
mooncurse protect-and-survive kit ¬¬

94. When did you join Deviant Art?
8th December, 2008

95. WHY did you join? 
My friends convinced me to get an account :D

96. What type of membership do you have?
15 month premium membership

97. Are you playing The Game? 
.......fucking hell.

98. Are you a member of any other websites? 
Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr,, amazon, aaaall the classy ones XD; 

99. Do you enjoy answering pointless questions? 
Depends on the question~

100. You're DONE! Now, tag 5 friends
...given the amount of people who'll actually read this far, I tag anyone who gets this far! >3

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  • Drinking: blue WKD


RoxasNamineForever's Profile Picture
Olivia (Livy)
United Kingdom
How to describe me...? Well, when I have an interest, I stick to it. Sure it might waver in obsession (Dr Who being a good example) but I'll always love... whatever it is =p

My main interests are the acting world (that's about as specific as I can make it!) and Scouts. I'll always be interested by the weird and wonderful, and I like to think my inner child still has a pretty big role in how I see the world around me. The way I see it, if you're doing something that makes you happy then who am I to criticise (y'know, unless it's hurting you/others)

The only other thing I can think of to say is that I'm a pair of thick-rimmed glasses and a face of acne away from being your standard nerd~. I much prefer a good story to a party, sci-fi is one of my favourite things in the world, from HG Wells to Doctor Who to Star Wars, and I like to think I'm one of those people who knows a fair amount about most subjects...

Current Residence: Buckingham, England
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XS/S (I'm diddy)
Favourite genre of music: Anything - as long as it sounds good :3
Favourite style of art: Pencil, Biro (anything you can shade on paper with)
Operating System: Windows 8.1
Personal Quote: "Never turn down an opportunity: you never know what adventure you'll

"Films" Everyone Should See! (and links)

Forgetful ;D

Dude! You forgot to log out... I loves you tho <3
Thanxx for everything hun, you're always there for me no matter what and bring the forbidden drink that is Relentless <3

^ classic trolling by silence-forever


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